Colour Change Experiment

Program Name: Toddler 2

This month the children in Toddler 2 engaged in a colour mixing experiment with the use of water, food colouring and eye droppers!

Each child had their own bucket that held two cups of primary coloured water. There was also a third cup that was empty.

The children were then encouraged to identify the colours of water that they had and were invited to mix the colours together to see if they could make another colour. As a group we were able to create the three secondary colours; purple, orange and green.

Here are a few observations of what we saw the children doing during their experimenting…

  • Kaia discovered that she could lift and pour the water from one cup to the other.
  • Tia showed us how she could wash her hands in the water as she exclaimed “rub rub rub” while rubbing her hands together.
  • Leon enjoyed stirring the water with his eye dropper.
  • Landon made lots of water droplets in the bottom of her bucket.
  • Anthony enjoyed blowing air out of the dropper which created bubbles in the water.

Overall, this experience enhanced the children’s fine motor abilities as they used their pincer grasp to pinch the dropper and squeeze up the coloured water. It also strengthened their hand-eye coordination skills as they transported the water from one container to another.

I wonder what experiments the toddlers will engage in next!

Children sitting with tubs and cups of coloured water in front of them.

A child holding an eye-dropper with a surprised look on their face.