A Toddler Concert

Toddler 2

With our class loving music, singing and dancing so much, we decided to include a musical instrument into our class this month. As the children excitedly sat around the keyboard, Educator Sandy introduced various notes and what they sounded like. She showed the toddlers where Middle C was, as well as the lowest note and the highest note. When Sandy played the lowest note, she said in a deep voice “low” and then when she played the high note she said in a really high voice “high!” The toddlers copied Sandy as she was doing this. Iris would put her hands in the air when we said high and then down low when we did the low notes.

Sandy had printed off sheet music to play some songs and she showed the toddlers what song choices there were. Some favourites were “ABCs,” “Baby Bumblebee”, and of course, “Old MacDonald!” Each of the children got a turn to try. Some friends were hesitant to try, whereas others were using their whole hands to push the keys. Dryden wanted to play “Old MacDonald” himself so Sandy helped him push the right keys. Music is our favourite expression in the Toddler Room! I wonder what instrument we can explore next?

A child sitting in front of an educator pushing the keys on the keyboard in front of them

An educator and a group of children sitting on the floor listening to the educator play the keyboard

A child sitting in an educator's lap pointing to the keyboard on the floor in front of them

An educator and a group of children sitting on the floor surrounding a keyboard