Adventures at Douglas Park!

Preschool 2

This month in Preschool 2 at St. Brigid, we have been engaging in some trips to the park to enjoy a change of scenery! The walk to the park included some learning about different flowers we saw, and some vegetables and herbs. This brought on a discussion about how Declan, Ophelia, and Nash have flowers in their gardens! We discovered a Jeep, which Nash, Nolan V and Thaddeus said it was a monster truck.

When we arrived at the park we had so much fun running around in the field full of green grass. We explored around the big tree, and found some pine cones! Harlee, Declan and Lillian enjoyed throwing the pine cones down the manhole drain! “Look Melody we can hear it splashing” Declan said as he threw one down. We explored some different materials to throw down such as rocks, grass, and sticks. Which one made the loudest noise? It was a handful of rocks!

Educator Shaelyn suggested we bring out the big parachute next, and the preschool class loved this activity! There was so much room to run underneath and around it! The parachute was so colourful and a fun and shady spot to get away from the sun.

We had so much fun at the park and look forward to many more adventures there.

Preschool boy exploring water play at the park using a moisturizing bottle to spray a tree

Preschool child smiling for a photo at the park

Two preschool boys enjoying water play at the park using shampoo bottles