Beyond the Trees

Toddler 2

This month we have been going on incredible adventures around our neighborhood. As we have been getting warmer weather, we have ventured out to our local forest to explore the grounds and find loose parts to utilize in our classroom.

On this particular Tuesday of the month, educators Bella, Steph, Sandy and Jess decided to pack up a couple of tools for the children to use in the forest. The children spotted a bright red robin on the path to the forest. They immediately wanted to see it up close, but noted that once they walked to him, the bird flew away. “What if we use some of our tools?” Steph mentioned. Meadow started to look through our wagon full of tools and chose to use the binoculars. “Look I can see close!” Meadow exclaimed. Soon, her peers looked for a pair of binoculars and mimicked what she was doing. After seeing the red robin, we walked further into the forest, in which we had to walk down steep rocky hills and go over fallen tree trunks. We used our strong muscles to balance ourselves down the hill and not fall. A couple of children asked for help from their educators. Once we had walked enough into the forest, the children noticed some beautiful flowers that were growing. “I want to bring flowers to my mommy,” said Addie.

We noticed a big eagle nest on the very top of a tree; the children pretended to be eagles and ran around the forest with their arms out as they “flew” around. On our way back, the older children helped their younger peers to climb up the hills and guided them through the path.

We enjoy our days in the forest, and we always love to look back at the pictures and remember all the fun we had. We cannot wait to go back!

Toddler children on a walk with their educator in the forest

Toddler educator assisting a child to safely climb down an incline

Toddler children using a magnifying glass in the forest Toddler children walking through the forest