Experimenting with Gravity

Toddler 2

The Toddler 2 class at RisingOaks Early Learning | St. Brigid experimented with gravity using ramps! The educators set up some ramps on the carpet and let the children explore freely. Some of the children went straight to the car basket and picked out their favourite cars. They brought them over to the ramps, placed them at the top and watched them race down. The children discovered that the larger cars would get stuck and fall off the narrow ramps. They then discovered that the smaller cars went fast and stayed on the ramp. Next, we brought out a basket of balls. The children were so eager to watch the balls roll down the ramps! Educator Steph decided to try and see if she could roll the balls up the ramp and have them fall off the top. We asked the children what they thought would happen: “will the balls make it all the way up to the top? Or will they roll back down before reaching the top?” After we made our predictions we tested it out. We found out that the balls didn’t make it all the way up to the top – instead they rolled all the way back to the ground. What a fun morning exploring!

A child standing behind a ramp trying to fit a large vehicle down the ramp

Two children standing beside a ramp watching a toy go down

A child standing behind a ramp with a train in her hand

A child standing behind a ramp with a ball in his hand