Exploring Apple Seeds

Preschool 1

Many times during our meal times we get to enjoy apples. More often than not when we have apples there is lots of conversation happening, recalling past autumn memories, times spent with family picking apples, and even discussing all the types of things that we could do with apples. One day at snack, there were many questions popping up about the seeds inside the apple's core; this sparked some inquiry about what would happen to the seeds if we planted them and tried to grow an apple. Thus began our experience of taking the seeds out of each core to try and plant. We tried planting some in soil, some in just water, and some inside of a clear bag with a damp paper towel, to see which option would yield the best result.

Not only has this experience deepened the preschooler’s roots into discovering the world around them and creating an understanding of every day tasks, it allows opportunities to hypothesize and theorize what could happen next based on their prior knowledge of seeds and plants. It gives an opportunity to explore cause and effect and allows us to determine what method works best.

We wonder what will happen as we continue to water and nurture the seeds to see how they will grow. Expanding on this interest by further investigating an apples life cycle, and possibly predicting what will happen next with our seeds.


Group of preschool children plantng apple seeds in tiny container of soil

Group of preschool children sitting at a table attempting an apple seed experiment using wet paper towels, seeds and a plastic bag