Exploring with Colour!

Toddler 2

This month the Toddler 2 class has been exploring colours and colour mixing. It started when they engaged in a marble painting activity. As the children moved the plastic container to roll the marbles around they noticed that the yellow and red paint began to mix together. One child exclaimed “I see orange!” The educators supported this interest by creating colour mixing bags. They used 4 large freezer bags and filled them with paint – specifically red, yellow and blue. They taped them to the table and the children explored the bags by using their index fingers and the palms of their hands to move the paint around. As they did this, they began to notice that the paint in their bags was changing colour. An educator asked “what colour is yellow and blue making?” one of the children responded “green!”

Next, we created chalk spray – chalk powder mixed with water in spray bottles. We brought the spray bottles outside and observed as the children turned the snow into vibrant colours – green, pink, orange, blue, red and purple. This activity supported their colour recognition as well as strengthened their hand muscles as they squeezed the nozzle. They expressed joy as they smiled and laughed when they accidentally sprayed their educators. March has been a colourful month!

A child using his fingers to pushing down on a large ziploc bag filled with different colours of paint

A child looking through a clear container at the marble painting inside

Two children sitting in the snow holding chalk paint spray bottles

Children outside spraying chalk paint in the snow

A child spraying chalk paint in the snow outside