Exploring with Vehicles

Preschool 1

Over the last few days, the Preschool 1 children have been doing lot of different experiences with vehicles. To start, we did an experience with vehicles in mud. We put the cars in the sensory bin with mud and children spent time rolling the cars through the mud while making the sounds of vehicles. They were loving the feeling of off-road driving! It was great sensory experience that most of the children seemed to enjoy.

Afterward, we put the slanting blocks on the table by putting the small blocks under the table legs to make it higher on one side. The children were putting the cars on the blocks and as they went down the ramp, they had excited expressions on their faces. Some of children were racing with their vehicles too. Inspired by this activity, the children then made ramps of their own using different materials in the classroom.

We also did an art experience with vehicles by putting a long paper on climber and then we dipped the tires of vehicles in the paint. The children then gave the vehicles a push and watched them roll down the paper, leaving colourful tracks on the paper.

These car experiences were great for children’s fine motor, communication and social skills. The educators loved hearing the different ideas the children were sharing while they worked as a team to build the ramp and to make it work.

A group of children playing in a sensory bin filled with mud and vehicles

A child driving cars through mud in the sensory bin

A child squatting at the top of the ramp above a colourful painted paper

Two children using a long half tube as a ramp for their cars

Two children standing at a table watching a car go down a ramp