Fall Bubble Print Painting

Toddler 1

The toddler one class at RisingOaks Early Learning | St Brigid have been learning through sensory and art play. They have show interest in getting messy, touching, and exploring how they can manipulate things around them.

The educators decided to explore the children’s interests by setting out a teacher guided activity. They had bubble wrap taped to the table, sponges and paints, and blank white paper to make a print of the bubble wrap they had painted. Ava said, “Bubbles” and Carter said, “Woha”. During this activity the children learnt many things such as patience and listening skills as they waited for a seat to participate. Their fine motor skills were enhanced as they used the sponges with paint by holding the sponge with a palmar or pincer grasp. Cause and effect was explored as prints were made and as colours brown, red, and orange were mixed.

Toddler girl using her finger to paint on bubble wrap using the colours red, brown and orange

Toddler child pushing on white paper to transfer her bubble painting from bubble wrap

When the children were finished painting the bubble wrap the educators placed the white paper over the bubbles and encouraged the children to help them push on it. They were overjoyed when the paper was peeled away and they discovered the bubbles had transferred onto the paper.

The entire experience allowed the children to develop a sense of pride in their art work. Stop in to the classroom to see the other various pieces of art our little Picasso’s created