Forest Finds!

Toddler 2

The toddlers at RisingOaks l St. Brigid love going on neighbourhood walks especially to the forest. This month we spent a lot of time in the forest participating in various activities. Sandy taught us how to participate in “Forest Bathing” where you stand in the middle of the forest and take big deep breaths and then you observe all the nature around you. The children all followed Sandy’s deep breathing and then talked about what they observed around them; the trees, the leaves, the sunshine, pinecones and even squirrels! We then collected sticks and pine needles to create our own nature-inspired paintbrushes!

While there we even spotted a frog; the children were fascinated as they observed the large frog. To stem from the children's interest in frogs Steph brought in some books about frogs along with a toy life cycle. As Steph read the book, she passed around the different pieces of the life cycle for the children to observe. The children loved repeating the word tadpole - some children thought the tadpole resembled a snake! We love how fascinated the children remain as we scaffold on their interest and watch as they learn and retain new information!

Toddler child exploring a small plastic toy frog

Toddler girl exploring stick from the forest

Toddler child playing with a stick from the forest