Germination Station

Preschool 2

In May, the children of Preschool 2 embarked on a gardening journey that very quickly peaked everyone’s interest. They planted flowers, beans, peas, and mint in 3 garden boxes on the playground. As the children watched the plants grow and grow, curiosities heightened as to what was happening beneath the soil. This led educator Shaelyn to suggest growing beans on the window! Educator Anna gathered all the necessary supplies and set up each child with an individual germination station. The children carefully wet a paper towel and placed it flat in their Zip Lock baggie. When all the bags were taped to the window, the preschoolers fostered their skills of hypothesis and made predictions of what might happen. Stella told her peers, “Maybe a giant tree will grow all the way to the sky!”. Noel asked, “Will we see the roots of the bean?” After a few days, Jaxon checked on the beans and exclaimed, “Hey come look! Some of the beans have tails!”. The preschoolers ran to the window and saw that Jaxon was right; the beans did indeed have tails! The children asked Educator Anna what this meant, and they collectively did some research on the stages of plant growth. We are so excited to see how these beans will continue to grow! 

Preschool boy adds beans into his zip lock bagPreschool girl adds beans to her bag

Preschool boy adds beans into his zip lock bagPreschool girl looks at the window filled with the bags of beans