Go After Your Goals!

Preschool 1

With the reintroduction of organized sports and extra-curricular activities, our group has been excitedly sharing all the new things they’ve been trying. The largest highlight has definitely been soccer. There have been countless discussions about teammates, team colours, rules of the game, and the treats they get to have after a long game or practice.

In an effort to share this experience with our group as a whole, we spent a morning in Douglas Park playing soccer and enjoying a popsicle treat that was brought by a friend who was celebrating their birthday. We split the group into a team of boys and a team of girls rather than team colours, took team photos, and played a whole game. It was a coordination and balance challenge kicking the ball with our feet instead of using hands but we practiced hard and ended the game with a 3-3 tie.

The popsicle treats were a great way to practice colour recognition, entertain our senses, and cool off after our hard work. We are so proud of how well this group followed the rules of the game and demonstrated incredible sportsmanship!


Soccer face off with preschool children and educator

Game of soccer at the park with preschool children

Preschool children playing a game of soccer at the park

 Preschool child enjoying a popsicle at the park