Learning Life Skills

Preschool 1

Our group was very disappointed to see that our mud kitchen became unavailable for use when a board became loose, exposing screws. Soon after this happened, a drill was purchased for the centre so that minor repairs could be done and with that, a learning opportunity became available.

The drill was shown to the group and each part with its function was described. We patiently waited for the battery light to be solid green, showing us the battery was ready for use. While we waited, we discussed tool safety and personal protective equipment. We decided it was safest to protect our hands from what we were holding with work gloves and our eyes from what could come flying off of the wood with safety goggles.

When the battery was charged, we headed outside with our personal protective equipment for a demonstration of how the drill worked. Following the demonstration, we were able to take turns drilling holes and then drilling the screws into them to secure our broken board. Together, we were able to repair our mud kitchen, reinforce the other boards for longevity, and take pride and ownership over our playground.


Preschool educatorr and chilld  working together using a drill to fix a wooden mud kitchen

Preschool children sittling with an educotor who is showing them a drill and discussing safety  rules with themPreschool boy posing for a photo wearing safey glasses