Let's Get Messy

Jr. Camp

Over the past few weeks, Preschool 2 has had an emerging interest for fostering their sensory play. Sensory play activities are highly favoured in our classroom as they stimulate a child’s senses, support fine and gross motor skills, and enhance brain development. With a beautiful day, some support from educator Anna, flour paint and the outdoors we got messy and everyone had a blast! The preschool children dove right in, feeling the paint between their fingers, “Goopy” stated Oliver. Some children developed a relationship with the materials and began rubbing the mixture on the chalk board or on their bodies to experience the paint.

As there is no right way to carry out messy play, it gives children the opportunity to foster their creativity and imagination. Naturally, everyone had to be sprayed down with the hose. The children expanded on this by gathering buckets and began engaging in full body water play. Water and the paint were even mixed. “This feels like slime,” Kenzie said as she giggled.

Having these sensory experiences, children build their emotional and social skills, as well as pleasurable memories they can look back on with their peers. We look forward to providing many more sensory outdoor experiences.

Preschool boy plays in a bowl of the purple flour paint

Preschool boys uses the flour paint to place paint on his cheeks