Letter Fun

Toddler 2

Since the children love sensory experiences and exploring their letters we decided to combine the two by filling up the sensory bin with water and added in some foam letters and animals. The children were very excited and dove right in. Owen immediately began labeling all the letters he picked up. Along with the letters, the children discovered the animals and began inquiring as to what some of them were. Their vocabulary skills were enhanced as we worked on labelling them. Through this experience the children also discovered through cause and effect that the wet foam pieces stuck to the sides of the bin so they began sticking them on while looking at the educators in amazement. We continue to foster the children’s enjoyment of sensory by engaging in many different experiences. What else can we add to enhance the children’s learning and sense of wonder?

Three toddler children exploring a sensory bin filled with water and the alphabet

 Toddler boy exploring sensory play in a bin filled with foam letters and water