Light Cube Fun!


This month in the Infant room we’ve been exploring out light cubes and different ways we can use them for activities. Two of the best ones we’ve done was borrowing a large vibrating tray from the Toddler 2 room and placing it on top of the light cube. We than added in some of our big water beads and watched as they jumped and danced around to the vibration. “Jump” Raiden and Jade attempted to say as they watched the water beads and jumped beside them as they watched the colours from the light cube change and shine through the water beads.

The other activity we really enjoyed using our light cubes for was for painting! We used water-based paint that allowed the lights from the light cube to shine through our painted designs.

While doing all of these activities we talked about the colours we saw and how’d it would change the look of either the water beads or the paint depending on the colours of the light cube! We definitely plan on continuing activities with our light cube and might even start a light project soon as the infants have been showing a big interest in that!

Two infants sitting on the floor with paint and paint brushes in front of them

An infant sitting beside a light cube with a paint brush in their hand

A young child standing with support from an educator next to a light cube