Magical Beans


A few months ago, the school-age children at RisingOaks Early Learning | St. Brigid, had planted some beans in 3 different coloured containers. While planting we did everything the same for each pot. As the months have gone by, we observed how much each plant has grown. Although we did everything the same, each plant grew differently. Daphnie noticed that the red plant was "huge" as she put it. Then Aiden pointed out that the yellow one was still very small compared to the red and green one. We then had a class discussion about the different sizes of the plants and what we could do differently going forward.

During our discussion, we talked about how anything that grows is always different from what you expect to happen. Educator Tracy asked the class "Why do you think the red plant grew faster then the other ones?" "Because it was in the middle of the two other plants" Ethan answered. "Maybe we added some magic in the red one?" Oliver said. "But why would we only add it to one and not the other two?" Tristan asked Oliver. Educator Nicole asked the class "what else do you think should grow the same but doesn’t always?" "People!" Rylea, Clark, Camden, and Skylar shouted. "Why do you think that?" educator Nicole asked. "Well me and Sophia are the same age but Sophia is taller than me" Skylar replied.

Educators Tracy and Nicole then began to explain to the children that although we may be the same age or even plants got planted at the same time, everything has its own timeline. "Is that why the yellow one is still growing?" Gunner asked. "Yes, that is exactly it!" Nicole replied. We then explained that everyone you meet is unique and magical in their own way and sometimes it takes a little bit more time for somethings to grow and become what they are meant to be!

Three bean plants sprouting in different coloured planters

Bean plants growing in three different coloured pots sitting on the window ledge

Children sitting around the table with the bean plant in the middle of the table

Two children standing beside each other, one is holding the bean plant in her hands

An educator surrounded by children looking at their growing bean plant