Magnetic Engineers At Work


Make way for our engineers! This November our students in the school age program have been exploring the concepts of construction with a variety of materials. With magnet blocks taking centre stage, our students have been building towers for bats, enclosures for animals and dinosaurs, and even places to house cars. Some of our students have challenged themselves to create taller and sturdier towers. It has been wonderful to hear the questions and theories around structural stability, resource availability, and the problem solving and communication skills being displayed and practiced.

All of this work has been an incredible way to work on both our fine and gross motor skills, as well as our flexibility and creativity. We have been working on integrating new materials, and exploring how they can all be apart of our play.

As we introduce different items to build and create with, I can’t help but wonder what the future holds. What loose parts can we bring into our play in new and creative ways? Could we build a tower as tall or as wide as our room? Is there something we could build as a whole class? What ever happens next, I know our engineers will be up to the task.

Four school age children surrounding a bucket of lego creating individual items

Three school age boys sittng on the floor around a magnetic tower they created

School age boy kneeling on carpet in front of magnetic tower creation