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School-age 1

We experienced many new ideas and adventures exploring our outdoor space this month.

During our after school outside time, we play separately yet beside the School Age 2 program on the field. Our children were curious and interested in what they have seen their older peers doing. They watched and observed for significant amounts of time what the older children were doing. They collected data about what the others were doing, what happened, and how it all worked.

One day the children were outside when they noticed the older children using the ratchet straps, which allowed them to swing and balance from the soccer post. They all stood from a distance and watched in amazement.

Daphnie walked over to the bag of outdoor toys and pulled out the blue skipping rope. “Can you tie this over there?” she asked the educator, while pointing to the soccer post. “Of course”, said the educator. Once the skipping rope was securely tied to the post Daphnie steadily placed both feet on the rope, held on tight and started swinging back and forth. “Look at me, look at me!” she exclaimed.

The other children gathered around and watched as she was swinging back and forth. “I’m next” one child said, then me,” another one said. The children all took turns using their D.I.Y swing.

The play experience helped to develop so many of the children’s skills; communication, turn taking, co-operation, gross motor, observation, and so much more.

school age boy stands on the rope swing

school age girl stands and swings on the rope swing

School age boy swings on the rope in a crouched postion