New Project Emerges

Toddler 2

On all of our neighbourhood walks we often see many dogs out for walks too. This has sparked an increase in the children talking about dogs so much so that we have decided to start a project on them! We set up a provocation of a toy dog on the table along with paper and markers so the children could draw their interpretations of a dog. Zack picked the dog up and looked curiously at it - he pointed to the dog’s legs. "How many legs does the dog have?" Steph asked - together they counted "1, 2, 3, 4 - the dog has 4 legs". Everyone had a turn to hold the dog and get a closer look at it. Tommy was intrigued by the dog's long tail, Amelia carefully touched the spots on the toy dogs body, Adeline giggled as she poked the dogs nose. After we did our drawings we sat down and talked about what we know about dogs, what we would like to know and who we can ask - we had a lot of great conversations about dogs. We can't wait to dive into this project. Let us know If you have a dog at your home!

 toddler 2 works on her first drawing of a dogtoddler boy touches the tail of the dog as he works on the first drawingtoddler girl points at the spots on the dog