Our Very Own Atelier

Toddler 2

The children in Toddler 2 turned their classroom into an atelier. You may wonder, what is an atelier? Atelier is an artist’s or designer’s studio. It is often a space of creativity and colours.

This month Toddler 2 has been setting up their environment to represent the children’s interest in colours. The educators have been supporting this creativity of learning by using the Atelier to help further this experience using light, shadows, coloured objects and a projector along with everyday objects the children use daily. The children started exploring matching items through the children pointing to the same coloured paint cards and the colours on the wall. They have also expressed their knowledge of certain colours verbally by calling out the names as they touch them on the wall.
We can’t wait to continue exploring this form of learning and expanding the use of colour in the upcoming weeks.

a toddler boy places two hands on the green "A" on the wall

a toddler girl looks at the colours on the wall

a toddler child places an object on the projector to see it on the wall