Parachute Fun!


We noticed the infants really enjoyed playing with the tarps outside and watching the wind blow them around. We wanted to continue building onto this interest therefore; we brought a parachute into the program. Aly and Michelle took it out of the bag to explore with some of our friends. It was so big and colourful. Phoebe was a little unsure at first but with some encouragement from her teachers and friends, she ended up loving it and ran back and forth when Michelle and Aly lifted it up. Beckham and Theo enjoyed watching Michelle and Aly lift the parachute into the air and bring it back down.

Infant girl explores under the parachute

 The next day Kiva decided to take it outside with Phoebe, Nika and Rian. She placed some of the parachute on the tree and some on the fence to create a fort. Nika and Rian loved standing or sitting under it. Phoebe enjoyed watching the wind catch the parachute and lift it up into the air. “Up” Kiva and Phoebe said as the parachute was lifted into the air and then back down.

There is so much learning that happens when using something as simple as a tarp or parachute. It creates a sense of belonging as everyone can participate and hold onto it, it helps to develop great for gross motor skills as the children lift and run under it. It also helps with balance and stability, as the children need to ground themselves in order to use the parachute.

outside infant girl walks under the parachute

outside an infant boys smiles as the parachute move up and down over his head