Planting Fun


This month the Infant team at RisingOaks Early Learning | St. Brigid participated in a variety of planting activities leading up to a very special one for Mothers Day! We started off the month by planting some daisies in a clear container so we could watch as their roots grow bigger. Next, we did a fun experiment and wrapped a pea seed in a damp paper towel, placed it in a Ziploc bag and taped it to our window. Each day we checked the seed to see what would happen, and by day 5 we noticed roots had started to develop! Each day the roots grew bigger and bigger until day 12 when it was big enough that we were able to transfer the seed to a small pot with soil! Our final planting activity this month was planting pansies in pots the children had painted for their Mothers Day gifts! Gardening is such a valuable activity for children to participate in; through gardening children learn the value of patience and responsibility as they learn to care for other living things. We can't wait to further this skill as we start our garden outside in the playground with the children.

An infant sitting on the ground with a large clear container filled with soil in front of him

An educator and an infant scooping soil into a small pot at the table

An infant touching a seed on a paper towel


An infant scooping soil with a small cup next to an educator holding a flower in a pot

An educator and an infant planting a flower in a small pot