Playing with Playdough


This month the educators have noticed that the infants love sensory play. Educator Amanda decided to make some play dough for the infants and add in some seasonal items. Amanda made orange playdough since we have been getting ready for Halloween in the infant room. Huxley and Cruz pointed excitedly when they saw Amanda making the playdough.

When the playdough was ready Amanda divided up the playdough and placed it on the table with some playdough toys for the infants to play with. Educator Becky brought in two small pumpkins and some pumpkin decorations that we also added to the table. Educator Michelle added some chestnuts that we collected on one of our recent walks with the infants.

The infants all came over to the table to explore the playdough. Raiden looked at one of the chestnuts and pushed it into the playdough. Cruz stuck some of the Halloween decorations into his playdough. The infants used their hands to manipulate the playdough. Some of the infants used the rolling pins to roll out the playdough. Becky showed the infants that they could put the playdough onto the pumpkins. The infants enjoyed playing with the playdough and using the materials the educators added.

Playing with playdough has many benefits for children. It helps to teach fine motor skills, creativity, math, language and much more. Playdough is easy to make and it is a fun activity that you can do at home with your child!


Infant exploring sensory play with orange playdough, cookie cutters and halloween decorations