Ramps and Pathways

Toddler 1

This month the children have been having fun throwing balls and rolling cars along different surfaces. We decided to expand on their play by adding a ramp into the classroom.

With no explanation or demonstration the children came over to the ramp and began to explore it by looking at it from all different angles, even crawling underneath of it! After some exploration Aly asked the group of toddlers what they thought they could do with it, or what would happen if they put a toy on it. Everyone ran to get a toy and brought them back placing them onto the ramps. Some began to roll or slide down the ramp while other toys didn’t move, we continued to explore cause and effect with different toys around the room but quickly discovered the small cars and the balls worked the best as they raced down the ramps and onto the floor with ease.

It was so much fun learning about ramps and pathways, we plan on exploring how different heights of our ramps may affect how to toys move on them.

Toddler child placing a tractor on a ramp upside down to see if it will roll down the ramp

Toddler child observing a peer place a small toy on the ramp to see if it will roll down the ramp

Toddler child rolling a red ball down a ramp