Sensory FUN


This month in the infant room at RisingOaks Early Learning| St. Brigid the infants have been enjoying some sensory play! The children have shown a lot of interest in sensory bins as well as messy play so educator Michelle wanted to combine the two of them.

Michelle and the infants worked together to create two sensory bins. One bin was filled with sand, shaving cream glue and some green paper shreds that looked like grass! Dinosaurs were then added to complete the bin. The group then moved onto the second bin which was filled with, solid water gel with some blue food colouring, sand, rocks and some sea life!

When both bins were finished they were placed in the room for the infants to come and freely explore when they wanted. Iris, and Adama, dug right into the first bin, feeling the sand and sticky texture from the glue and shaving cream. Amina and Huxley went for the solid water gel and sand sensory bin, pulling out the seal life animals and babbling as they dug around and explored.

Sensory experiences are beneficial for not only enhancing the children's sense of touch but also their sense of exploration and creativity. We definitely plan on doing this again as the infants LOVED it!

Infant child exploring sensory bin filled with gel and sea life animals

Infant child standing above sensory bin filled with fake grass and dinosaurs

Infant child expolring a sensory bin filled with fake grass and dinosaurs