Sensory Fun in Preschool 1!

Preschool 1

This month Preschool 1 explored sensory activities in our classroom. Sensory play encourages learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity.

We had green bubbles in the sensory tray and the opportunity to talk about how bubbles are made. The children had an interest in adding different coloured bubbles to see what colours we could create. Cups and plates were added to this activity to encourage filling and dumping.

During another afternoon, we had water beads and water to explore. During this activity children had the opportunity to add other toys to expand their imagination. Most of them decided to add sea animals, cups and plates. A child was making “Sea animal pasta” during this activity. It looked so yummy!

We are excited to continue exploring more sensory activities in the next few months!

Children surrounding a tuff tray filled with green bubbles

A child playing in green bubbles on a tuff tray

A child kneeling in front of a tuff tray, playing with the water beads on the tray

Children standing around a tuff tray with water, beads, cups and sea animals