Shake It Baby, Shake It!

Toddler 1

The toddlers at St. Brigid | RisingOaks demonstrate their love and interest for music and dancing every day through a variety of activities. Lately they have spent a lot of time using the musical instruments that are available to them in program. To expand on this interest, Jenna decided to let the toddlers make their own shakers. The toddlers were given two small plastic cups to fill with materials and loose parts provided. We had sand, different shapes and sizes of beads, pompoms, and small wooden spools.

Each child was invited to come and create their very own shaker and practice decision making while choosing which items to put inside. This was a great way to foster fine motor skills, as the toddlers used their pincer grasp to pick up all the small pieces and place them into their cup. Kaleb put too many materials inside his cup and had to work on spatial problem solving in order to get the cups to close properly. Other toddlers preferred to dump the sand and materials from one cup to the other. When the toddlers were done adding their materials, Jenna helped to tape the two cups together so we could shake them.

toddler boy adds pom poms, beads and wood pieces to his shaker













Harrison, Tony, and Pacey immediately brought their shakers over to the open space on the floor and began shaking them as hard as they could and smiling at one another. We put on some upbeat dancing music for everyone to enjoy while we shook our shakers. When we were all done, the toddlers were very excited to put their shakers into their backpacks to take home, fostering their sense of autonomy.

toddler boy smiles as he shakes the shaker he made

two toddler boys shake their shakers