Splashing the Day Away

Toddler 1

For the month of June our toddler 1 program has been focusing a lot on water exploration, and sensory play! We have worked with water both inside and outside since the weather has finally warmed up.

Outside we have worked with the sprinklers, water buckets, and water balloons! The children love our sprinkler and run through it together with smiles on their faces. Heavy work is made of filling water buckets but the toddlers are up to the challenge and excitedly splash the water about the playground.

Inside the classroom we have specifically focused on our water sensory tray that goes on top of our light cube. We began this play by filling the tray up with water together and working on our teamwork skills! We then decided that it would be a great idea to add blue and green sparkles, and pretend bugs and animals! To enhance the experience we turned on the vibration on the sensory tray, the children loved this as they splashed around in the water and watched little waves appear. Many of the children pressed their hands along the bottom of the tray in order to feel the vibrations travel through their hands and into their arms.

Later on during the month we decided to add to this play, one morning we added more sparkles, blue food coloring, and marbles! The children absolutely loved the continuation of this experience. Throughout many of the water play provocations the children enhanced their sensory skills, teamwork skills, gross and fine motor skills, imagination and creativity skills and continued to form deeper and meaningful connections with those around them. It has been a fantastic month and we have had so much fun as a classroom participating in many different water activities.


Toddler aged boy playing in a sensory bin with donut pool noodles

Toddler boy playing in water sprinkler

Toddler child playing with donut pool noodles in a sensory bin