The Un-Birthday Celebration


On Thursday of our March Break Camp we planned an un-birthday party for our campers. This was a day to celebrate all of us together. We started our celebration with a glow in the dark dance party in the gym with glow sticks and sunglasses. This allowed the children to express themselves by moving their bodies freely. The children had a great time dancing to their favourite songs with their friends. The celebration continued with some cupcake decorating and of course eating them after, the children said they were delicious! Through this activity the children learned every day is a celebration, building friendships and having fun!

A boy wearing sunglasses and a glow necklace in the dark gym

A child standing in a dark gym wearing a glow necklace

A group of children in the dark with glow necklaces on

A group of children all wearing sunglasses standing against a wall

Children sitting around the table eating cupcakes

Children sitting around a table eating cupcakes