The Wonder of Fall

Preschool 1

As the season began to change, we did a scavenger hunt to find the different fall Items such as pinecones, changing leaves and squirrels. The children were excited when they found red, orange and brown leaves. It was a great experience for the children to learn about fall and the changes it brings along with it.

After a few days we did an activity with various fall items. We set out pumpkins, leaves, pinecones and corn and allowed the children to explore them. The preschool 1 children enjoyed examining all the items and discussed how they brought pumpkins on Halloween and the way their parents cooked corn at their house. The group also talked about the leaves and pinecones and how they found them in the park while playing there with their families.

It was a great experience for the children to learn about the beauty and nature they are seeing as the season changes. It also encouraged the children to discuss and learn things such as where does corn and pumpkins grow.

Two preschool children reviewing a fall scavenger hunt list

Preschool girl holding a brown fall leaf

Preschool child posing with decorative corn on the cob