Tie Dye Fun


This past month the infants at RisingOaks  Early Learning| St. Brigid have been getting creative with tie dying. The educators observed the children enjoying tie dying with their families at the family tie dye event and decided they wanted to continue to explore this interest over the next couple of days.

The first experience was tie dying a white sheet. The educators tied elastics onto the sheet and placed it into a big bucket and then filled bottles with dye and also placed them in the bucket. They waited and watched for the infants to come and freely explore which they did immediately. The children spent the entire hour outside covering the sheet with dye, you couldn’t see any more white! This activity was great for their fine motor skills as they needed to squeeze the bottle to get the dye out. It fostered their hand eye coordination and depth perception as they needed to aim and figure out how close or far away to hold the bottle from the sheet!

Another way the infant room used the tie dye bottles was with chalk powder and water. Again they placed the bottles on the ground and the infants were able to come and freely explore as they wanted to. It was so cool when it dried, you could see the nice patterns and blobs from the chalk on the ground.

We definitely plan on doing more of these activities so stay tuned!

Infant aged child squirting tie dye onto a sheet in a plastic sensory bin

Two infant aged children squirting tie dye onto a sheet with squirt bottles