Unconventional Music Making


This month the infants at RisingOaks Early Learning | St. Brigid have been busy discovering and exploring sound! We have been drumming on the big exercise ball, having dance parties and banging together lots of different toys! To further expand on this interest, we created our own shakers! The educators provided some loose parts to add into the long tube containers. We used items like, pompoms, beads, bells, spoons, and feathers! The infants used their fine motor skills to add all of the different items to the tubes, then helped the educators to put the lids on!

By adding both loud and quiet loose parts we were able to have a wide range of sounds for each shaker. This helps build our abilities to recognize different sounds! We have been using our shakers everyday as we further explore this interest. Having the children’s creations readily available for their exploration continues to foster their sense of belonging here in the Infant Program.

What else could we add to the shakers to change the way they sound?!

An educator sitting on the floor with a group of infants banging on a yoga ball

A child sitting on the floor putting items into a tube

A child sitting on the floor inserting items into a tube