Watermelon Volcano


Group of school age children gathered around a sensory bin with a child scooping baking soda into a hollowed out watermelon to make a volcanoThis month the School age children have shown an interest in various science experiments. To support their interest the educators set up a watermelon, so they could make a watermelon volcano. The children enjoyed adding all the ingredients (baking soda, vinegar and food colouring) to the watermelon and excitedly watched to see what would happen.

The group predicted what would happen when the ingredients mixed together inside the watermelon. Some of the children thought the watermelon would explode while others suggested nothing would happen. Everyone screamed with excitement, as the ingredients mixed and poured out of the top of the watermelon. We were told you could hear the excitement all the way inside the center!

This simple science experiment allowed the children to develop resourcefulness and problem solving skills. It also nurtured curiosity, helping the children acquire a new way of asking ques tions and understanding the world around them.


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