We are Superheroes!

Preschool 2

This month in preschool 2 the children have been enjoying superheroes. What brought up this interest was that a child brought in some Spiderman toys and they caught the attention of many of the children in the classroom. Seeing the interest in Spiderman the educators began talking about other superheroes with the children and their various powers such as flying, super speed, invisibility and helpful superheroes.

The children found aprons in our dramatic play area. They looked them over and tried them on. They wore them and started to wonder how they could be more “superhero” like. They decided to turn them around having the apron at the back. The children were very proud of themselves for coming up with this idea. It was wonderful to see them problem solve as a group. From there they were able to use their gross motor skills to “fly” around the classroom and move “big” objects (i.e. chairs) with their super strength!

We also found out that superheroes are amazing helpers in cleaning up. The superheroes went around our classroom helping their peers tidy up. “I help clean up, because that’s what good superheroes do,” said Aubree. Connor said, “I’m a super fast superhero, so I clean up really quickly”.

The children also drew pictures of what a superhero look like to them. This allowed the children to practice their fine motor and communication skills. We heard many positive conversations such as “I really like that your superhero can fly and run” said Nash. “I like the colour pink that you used” said Tommy. Many of the children expressed how happy they were to play with their peers and that they could be superheroes together.

This experience allowed the children to take part in all four of the learning foundations from the document How Does Learning Happen. The four foundations consist of Well Being, Belonging, and Expression & Engagement.

Two preschool girls wearing capes and pretending to be superheroes

Children's superheroes drawings

Preschool children running around a classroom pretending to be superheroes