We Have A Colour Monster In Preschool 2

Preschool 2

This month in Preschool 2 we have been working on our feelings and emotions. A great resource we have used is the book called "The Colour Monster". This talks about how we can sometimes feel confused by many different emotions and how we can work through it.

In the book, they use jars to help collect and organize their emotions. We especially liked that calm was in its own jar because you can feel calm and angry, happy and calm, etc. We make it a priority to talk about our feelings and emotions every day with the children.

As a group we decided to have our own jars to help organize the different emotions. We used the felt and felt board to explore our sensory needs but also to take the opportunity to do an activity with the children surrounding feelings. “I want to do the red one, the angry one” Tommy said excitedly. We also asked the children to show us their face for each emotion. “I can make a really sad face,” Connor said and he showed his peers and educator his sad face.

This activity allowed the children to express their own emotions to one another as well as to their educators. Moving forward we hope to continue regulating and communicating about our emotions and feelings. We will continue to incorporate activities in our classroom in relation to emotions and feelings.


Picture of the childrens book the color monster

Preschool child placing a felt piece on top of a felt cut out jar

Felt cut outs of jars filled with felt cut out of objects that represnt the feelings from the book the color monster