Welcome Fall

Toddler 2

There have been many exciting changes in the T2 classroom. We continued to welcome new friends and made them feel like they belong in our program. The toddlers noticed the different changes that were happening around our neighborhood as well. They quickly came to notice different pumpkins around our neighbours front porches and the leaves turning orange and yellow. Tommy said, “I have a big pumpkin” while he pointed at a big pumpkin we saw during one of our community walks. The educators thought this would be an awesome opportunity to engage in different fall activities to develop the children’s skills.

toddler girl shows the pumpkin she found

toddler girl looks inside the pumpkin to tell the educator if she can see any more seeds

toddler girl uses a magnifying glass to examine a piece of the pumpkin













The children alongside their educators carved a pumpkin, to which they were able to use their sense of touch and smell as they explored the insides of the pumpkin. “Is sticky,” said Meadow as she touched the seeds. Leo said, “Smells yummy."

We continued our exploration with decorative corn, colouring on gourds and collecting fall leaves on our walk. The children used magnifying glassed to inspect the corn, and used their hands to explore the texture of the corn. The educators created a bigger space for the children to continue their exploration artistically with a variety of materials and tools independently to support their creativity and independence.


 toddler girl uses the magnifying glass to look at the decorative corntoddler girl examines a red maple leafFinally, the educators added separate loose parts to encourage and support the children’s attention and concentration. By using interesting textures, such as a bumpy gourds, scents, such as cinnamon, and other natural resources, such as pine cones and orange coloured play dough, the children were able to explore and develop their fine motor skills.