Welcome Messy Play

Toddler 2

When you think about your child at childcare or school, you may expect the linear model of learning, where the teacher provides information and the children internalize it to learn answers, letters, numbers, and events. While memorization is a key part of retaining knowledge, the best learning is done with the senses.

Sensory activities are a huge part of our curriculum simply because they have the greatest impact on early brain development and learning patterns. At RisingOaks | St Brigid, we embrace whole body, child led, open ended learning. Yes, it's different, it gets messy and hectic sometimes, and it is challenging but, it is rewarding and so much fun! The toddler 2 room have been embracing the hot weather outdoors with all kinds of messy play. We are so blessed to have a water feature in our sandbox, and use the water hose; to build the children’s strong muscles as they fill up cans and bottles and move them around the playground. This play provides first hand mathematical skills as they learn about volume of water using different vessels and scientific skills as they watch the water disappear into the sand. They also use their legs muscles as they stomp on mud and water.

We look forward to providing many more sensory experiences in the outdoor environment.


a group of toddler children use the water to make a picture on the black board

female toddler dips her toe into the mud puddle

female educator stomps in the mud with a toddler child