Winter Planting

Toddler 1

Our little scientists in the Toddler 1 class at RisingOaks Early Learning | St. Brigid, were very eager to get their hands dirty doing some planting. Educator Becky brought in a plant kit which provided all the materials needed to grow a Bolero flower. We began by discussing what materials came with the kit and what would happen when we put it all together.

Next, we read the instructions and followed the steps on the box. Cruz, Ava, and Briar held the flower bulb in their hand exploring its texture before planting it. A little flake of skin came off the bulb that Carter noticed on the table. “It’s crunchy!” he described. We then began to add some soil to the black pot provided. The children took turns using a spoon to scoop soil out of the bag and putting into the pot. “Dirt” said Cruz as he pointed to the soil while he had his turn to scoop some soil into the pot. We completely covered the bulb with the provided soil. We then brought the pot over to the sink where educator Becky watered the plant. “Where should we put the pant,” Becky asked, “it needs a safe spot that is nice and sunny to help it grow.” Ava and Kara walked over to the window in our classroom. “Here,” Ava said as she pointed to the windowsill.

We left the pot on the windowsill in hopes that with some love and nurturing, it will blossom into a beautiful flower. What colour do you think the flower will be when it grows?

A flower kit sitting on a table

A child holding a flower bulb in his hand

An educator sitting at a table with children looking at a flower kit

A child looking at a flower pot on the windowsill