Christmas Time in the Preschool Room


The children were very excited to participate in all the different activities that were offered this month. We provided hands on activities that required turn taking, use of fine motor muscles such as the pincer grasp and social experiences.

We started the month off by bringing out the Christmas tree. The children were excited to help pull the branches apart, add decorations and lights. We plugged it in and the children’s faces lit up with smiles of delight.

Art materials were provided for the children to express their creativity and use their sense of touch with different textures and sense of sight with different colours. The children used glue, tissue paper, paint, cookie cutters, scissors, forks and sparkles to create the many different types of artwork. All the while experimenting with colours, patterns and practicing hand eye co-ordination.

We also gathered and read some fun Christmas stories such as th e “12 Days of Christmas Bugs” “Hooray for Christmas” and “How to Catch a Ginger Bread Man” Stories allow the children to develop early literacy and communication skills such as hearing sounds, annunciation of words, rhyming just to name a few. The value of stories helps stimulate your child’s sense of imagination and curiosity.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, spent with family and friends filled with laughter and love.


Christmas stories being read to the preschool group

Preschool children decorating the Christmas tree

Preschool child making prints with paint on paper