Colours Around Us!


Geetan showed interest in painting by using a paint brush or finger painting. She also loves making rainbows and mixing all the colours to make new colours. One day she asked me to make slime using all the rainbow colours. When we mixed all the colours together the result was a blueish brown colour. She was just amazed by the new colour that came out.

During our outdoor time we like to go for walks. We tried to find different colours by playing games like “I spy with my little eye”.

There are so many benefits to connecting with nature. It supports multiple developmental domains such as physical or gross motor skills. The physical aspect is being able to walk along the trails and manage the varying terrains that are encountered from pavement, gravel, grass and dirt or snow. At times we have been running to different points in the playground. Geetan was happy to enjoy the freedom to run down with no obstacles in her way.

As well as building on cognitive development which includes the child’s ability to learn and solve problems. She enjoys identifying and labelling all the colours around us.

We can’t wait for warmer weather to explore the trails and parks for new learning and adventures. 

School age child looking at a large puddle

School age child dancing outside

School age child balancing on an outdoor beam