Exploring Light with the Toddlers



This month in the toddler room they have been very interested in flashlights. The interest started one afternoon when Gray and Iris turned the lights out. Sam brought out a flashlight to show them how we could brighten the room. The two of them ran around the room shining the light on the ceiling and floor, exploring how the light worked.

We then brought out a few more flashlights for everyone to explore over the next few days. The toddlers enjoyed pressing the button causing the light to turn on and off. Benny and Logan used their fine motor and coordination skills to twist the top of the flashlight off to see what was inside. Once the flashlights were open Aarya and Muchen began to twist and push to see what moved inside the flashlight and what didn’t move. We were able to completely take apart one flashlight and see the different components inside the actual light. We found that there is a silver coating on the inside that reflects the light from the bulb outward causing it to be brighter.

Gerri turned all the lights off in the classroom and shone the flash light on the wall. Once on the wall she began making shadow puppets on the wall. The toddlers loved trying to guess what animal she was making. Logan turned around to see where the shadow was coming from. He was very excited when he noticed it was coming from Gerri’s hand!

This activity allowed the children to explore their sense of engagement by exploring the flashlights with their whole body, the sound of the clicking button, the shine of the light on the wall and the feeling of the rubber button. This activity has sparked an interest in the toddlers and has given us an idea for our new project. We are going to explore light and reflection with the toddlers.


Group of toddler children exploring shadows with an educator

Toddler child exploring a flashilight

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