Fine Motor Fun with Toddlers


In the toddler room we have been focusing on fine motor skills throughout the day with multiple activities. "Developing fine motor skills in early childhood education helps build the foundation for important future skills like writing and self-care."(

One of the favorites fine motor activities the toddlers participate in is using bingo dabbers. While using the bingo dabbers the toddlers attempt to find a comfortable position to hold them so when they flip the dabbers over they don't fall out of their grasp. Also the tip of the dabber is concentrated so it allows for more control and precision when leaving the mark on the paper. When the toddlers see the box of dabbers come out they all run over smiling! Gray, Logan, Hunter and Ziad like to select the colour they want to use before even sitting down.

Another activity the toddlers have truly enjoyed is playing with smaller manipulatives like gems, rocks and colored pegs, on our round mirrors. Having the smaller items allows for more of a pincers grasp to move the gems around or to stack the pegs and rocks on top of each other. The ability to use a pincers grasp, with two fingers, as opposed to a palmer grasp with the whole hand helps, strengthen the ability to zip zippers, button buttons and other self-care activities. “The ability to complete self-care and everyday tasks helps a child’s self-esteem and confidence to increase "( The mirrors also allow for the toddlers to watch their reflections as they play!

One of the four foundation of "How Does Learning Happen" is a sense of well-being. Through these activities the toddlers are able to strengthen their fine motor skills, in turn building the strength and dexterity to complete certain self-care tasks leading to more independence and pride in their skills.

Todd LS april 4

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