Getting to Know our School-age Friends


The school age program started with excitement to meet one another and in some cases reconnect with our old friends. Mia, the new school age educator, prepared an "ice breaker" game so the children could build new relationships or enhance old friendships.

The children collected paper with what they liked in common and built paper towers out of them. "Wow, I like spaghetti, too" Olivia shared with enthusiasm. While building the tower she also shared that the paper kept falling. Her new friend Geetan quickly fixed the tower and asked ‘'How about this?" proudly showing her work to Olivia. The children contributed their own thoughts and discovered things in common with each other, and built positive relationships.

Meanwhile, there was exciting play outdoors. All the new school age friends gathered to explore the playground climber that had not been used due to the pandemic. 

For growing children, outdoor play means more than we thought. It not only promotes motor skills but also fosters independence and creativity. 

"Tom! Tom, I want to go with you!" says Peyton. "Come up here!" I'll hold your hand! Thomas replies as he guides his young friend Peyton on the slide. Although children are young, they learn respect and are considerate through play with various friends. In addition, children promote brain development through outdoor play through large body movement, expanding their learning and developing new gross motor skills.

The school age friends also enjoyed making various crafts and participating in creative activities indoors. One afternoon they created various words using alphabetic letters. They formed words together such as “Mia” and “fig”. Creative experiences allow the group to foster their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and so much more.

The school age program is having fun getting to know one another. We are looking forward to making unforgettable memories in our classroom.

School age child spelling the name Mia out of flower letters

School age girl spelling the word fig out of flower letters

 School age girl climbing down spirla pole on playground climber