Healthy Habits for the Kids!


This month the after school program focused on healthy habits in our daily life and the importance of having a routine. We talked about how maintaining good habits like eating healthy and exercising is important for our bodies and that it helps us keep our mind healthy as well.

Geetan and I have spent time playing a game in which I ask her questions about healthy food, healthy habits and exercise. The game allows her to test her health knowledge as well as gain new and useful facts.

We spent some time learning about rainbow coloured food and the importance of having a variety of different colours in your daily meals and snacks. We discovered that the most vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables are the richest in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants and that we need carbohydrates for energy and other vitamins to keeps us healthy. Geetan told me when she eats her vegetables it makes her feel energized.

Every day we had some discussion about what did she eat for her lunch? What kind of vegetables she had? Which colour was it? And then based on that we would search for that particular vegetable and see why is it good for our body and how is it helping Geetan grow?

Throughout the studying of this topic we also discovered walking bare foot on the grass helps improve our eye sight and the importance of meditation and other calming exercises that can contribute to our overall well-being.

We spent our outdoor time keeping our bodies active and exercised. Together we selected activities such as skipping, hopscotch, running and frisbee to not only benefit from moving our bodies but to ensure we were having fun at the same time!

Now, Geetan has more knowledge about food, vitamins and healthy lifestyles.