Oh the Things We Can Build!


As the preschool children continue with their interest in building, we have explored various materials. The educators have continued to observe the different buildings the children are creating with the smaller materials and decided to bring in large wooden planks. While we placed the planks throughout the classroom Tanner said, “I'm going to build a house”. Richard continued “I'm going to build a school bus”.

As the children began building they displayed great teamwork. While Ethan was trying to interlock the planks Aiden said, “You have to flip it the other way.” Grabbing the end of the plank they problem solved and connected them together. Once each building continued to get bigger the children began to add different materials and take on roles.

Jacob said, “I need a steering wheel for my airplane,” as he grabbed a place mat. When Chi-chi climbed into the airplane she said, “I need to put on my seat belt” placing another place mat on her lap.

During this experience the children demonstrated associative, cooperative, and role play. The importance of building play is prominent as it offers the following benefits; creativity, problem solving, hand-eye coordination, self-esteem and the feeling of success as they construct their creations.

Moving forward with our building project, the children through both group and solo efforts will have the opportunity to relate mathematics and science to their creations. For example, creating hypotheses, measuring their buildings and counting the quantity of materials used. As well as engage their spatial awareness and social emotional growth. Stay tuned for more experiences that will assist the children to grow in multiple areas of development.


Preschool child building with wooden planks

Preschool child measuring wood plank to see if it fits

Preschool children working together to build with wooden planks

Two boys putting together wooden planks to build a structure