Do you have children in care now? If so, what is/are their names and which program and centre are they enrolled in. 
I have a daughter who attends a RisingOaks Early Learning location.

Why did you decide to get involved with RisingOaks' Board of Directors? 
I wanted to get involved with RisingOaks' Board of Directors to have a say in the childcare organization our daughter attends. I am interested in being a part of such an amazing organization and having a voice in the direction it is going.

How has being a Director on the Board benefited you personally and professionally?
Being a Director on the Board has given me a new perspective on the amazing work that our childcare providers do. It has also challenged me professionally in learning more about the strategic work of an organization.

What would you say to a member who is not planning to attend the AGM because they believe it is just a boring review of the financials?
I think the AGM is such an important opportunity for members to find out more about the RisingOaks operations over the previous year, as well as their future direction. Having a voice in that direction and being able to vote on important decisions is a great way for parents to get more involved in the work RisingOaks does to support our children.

Alisha Michiels


Nominating Committee