Board Meetings

RisingOaks' Board of Directors meets bi-monthly to discuss the organization's financial management, goverance, programs/services and risk management.

Board meetings take place in the 1st week of each month. The agenda is posted one week prior to the meeting. Meeting minutes are approved at the following month's meeting and then posted.

Requests to Appear before the Board

Members or other interested parties who wish to appear before the entire Board (or a Standing Committee) to raise a concern, request discusson on an agenda item or to provide a members' perspective on an existing agenda item, may do so as a "delegation".

The following process is outlined for those indivdiuals and groups who wish to participate as a delegation at a Board of Directors meeting:

  • Submit your request to appear as a delegation  a minimum of 3 days before the board or standing committee meeting. Requests should be submitted to and include the meeting date and agenda item or topic you wish to speak to.
  • However, it is recognized that this is not always possible and in these instances, a telephone call must be made to the CEO's office (519-894-0581, ext. 102) prior to noon on the Board meeting day in order to be listed on the agenda.
  • Delegations are limited to a 5 minute presentation. In the event there are 10 or more delegations, presentations may be limited to 3 minutes or less.
  • Delegations who fail to register and appear at a meeting will be heard at the discretion of the Chair.
  • If providing hand-out materials, delegations must bring 12 copies with them for distribution.
  • Any written comments submitted or spoken at the meeting will become part of the public record.

For information please contact:
Lori Prospero, CAE
Chief Executive Officer - CEO
519-894-0851, ext. 102

Agendas & Minutes

Nov. 12/24    
Sep. 10/24    
May 7/24 PDF  
Apr. 9/24 - AGM PDF  
Apr. 9/24 PDF  
Mar. 5/24  PDF  
Jan. 9/24 PDF PDF
Dec. 13/23 PDF PDF
Nov. 14/23 PDF PDF
Sep. 12/23 PDF  PDF
May 9/23   PDF  PDF
Apr. 11/23 - AGM  PDF  PDF
Apr. 11/23  PDF  PDF
Mar. 7/23  PDF PDF
Jan. 10/23 PDF PDF