Nutrition Screening

Canada's Food Guide

Eat well with Canada's Food Guide. Learning more about Canada's Food Guide will help you and your family know how much food you need, what types of foods are better for you, and the importance of physical activity in your day.


Having the amount and type of food recommended and following the tips included in Canada's Food Guide will help:
  • Meet your needs for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
  • Reduce your risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain types of cancer and osteoporosis.
  • Contribute to your overall health and vitality.



Nutri-eSTEP® is a fast and simple way to find out if your child, between 18-35 months, is a healthy eater. The Nutri-eSTEP® questionnaire asks 17 questions about a child’s typical food choices, eating behaviours, as well as physical activity and growth patterns. The questionnaire takes less than 10 minutes to complete and provides you with immediate feedback.

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