RisingOaks Early Learning Ontario is incorporated under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and is also a registered charity. As a result, RisingOaks is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is accountable to the members of RisingOaks.

Members play a significant role in RisingOaks' governance. RisingOaks members will receive notice of and be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting held each year in April. In addition, members have the right and responsibility to elect the Board of Directors who oversee RisingOaks' operations and set the strategic direction. Members may also be invited to participate in member-only surveys or focus groups to help inform that direction.

Full rights and responsibilities of membership are set out in the General Operating By-law.


Classes of Membership

Pursuant to the by-laws, section 3.01, and subject to the Articles, there shall be one (1) class of Members in the Corporation. Membership in the Corporation shall be available only to individuals who meet the conditions for membership.


Conditions for Membership

Individuals are required to have the following three qualifications to be considered for Membership:

  1. the individual must be:
    1. interested in furthering the Corporation’s Objects and has a child in their care and custody who is enrolled in at least one (1) of the Corporation’s infant, toddler, preschool, before school or after school programs; or
    2. a Director of the Corporation;
  2. the person is not under the age of eighteen (18) years; and
  3. the individual has applied for and been accepted into Membership by Resolution of the Board or in such other manner as determined by the Board.
Benefits of Membership
  • Each Member shall be entitled to receive notice of, attend, and vote at all Meetings of the Corporation.
  • Members are eligible to stand for election to the Board, save and except for those Members who are also employees of the Corporation.
  • Members may be invited to participate in members’ only focus groups or surveys to provide input in setting the direction for RisingOaks' future.

How to apply

  1. Click on the red APPLY NOW! to download the fillible PDF membership application form.
  2. Fill, Sign & Email
  3. Print, Sign, Deliver
    • Print the form
    • Complete form by hand
    • Hand it in to your centre supervisor.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is every family automatically a member of RisingOaks?
  • No, membership is open to individuals, not families. Not every parent with a child in care at RisingOaks will choose to become a member. Membership is for those who wish to be more engaged with the corporation, helping to set the future direction. Parents with children in care at RisingOaks are asked to consider if membership is right for them. If an individual is interested in being engaged with RisingOaks' board of directors (e.g., attending the Annual General Meeting, possibly standing for election to the Board), then membership is a good choice.